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MK5 Floating Structural Foundations

MK5 Pre-Fabricated Foundation forms are designed and manufactured by industry experts who focus on Extreme Strength, Durability, and Ease of Construction for the first time buyer, the Do-It-Yourself Builder.

Featuring High Yield, High Grade post-tensioning THREADBAR the MK5 engages the slab as a two-way reinforced concrete, and therefore engages a larger area for resisting downward and upward forces, in comparison with the one-way resistance of the thickened edge of the conventional floating slab. The strength of the slab is based on the overwhelming yield strength of the reinforcing bar and its position in the slab,

ELIMINATING the NEED for a thickened edge.

Environmentally sensitive across the board, these dimensionally stable forms assemble in hours, then level and square in a few minutes. The MK5 has been designed as a Structural Reinforced concrete slab subject to bending stresses in the same manner as a suspended reinforced concrete slab so please note the applications are virtually unlimited.

Manufactured in Canada


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